January 1, 2011


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Welcome to 2011.

The look started with a bargain buy from The Dressing Room Blue. It’s so worth scouting around The Dressing Room’s two stores every now and then as you will often find a piece or two you fall in love with that are a fraction of their usual store price, or exclusive to the sale rooms. This jacket from Emery is fun to wear, pseudo-military with its studded, high and angular collar. The shoulder pads mimic the other lines, jutting out although not in as much of an exaggeration – the cropped coat crumples all the way down the sleeves and maintains a softness through the body, moving well with most AOs. It does use up a lot of attach points, but if you use the official SL viewer you can simply add any other accessories, eliminating possible clashes. Read the rest of this entry »


November 10, 2010

Industrial Safari

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Sometimes it doesn’t take very much to make an impact.

There’s a definite ‘less is more’ feel to this styling, based around this fabulous dress top I picked up from Emery. There are so many colourful and interesting pieces to be found in sunami Beck’s store, so when you shop there you’re bound to find a few things to catch your eye. This is a recent favourite, the shift running long enough to work as a dress (a little resize may be required) or cropped a little to be worn with leggings and jeans if you prefer. It’s pieced together very well for continuation of the pattern across the prim, although the sleeves didn’t sit quite as intended on my shape. You can stretch and scale but I think they’re intended for a slighter figure to show their full draped form, so I settled for the angular cap sleeves over my shoulders which I think look just as good. Read the rest of this entry »

October 30, 2010


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I always find it hard to resist a good pose prop, and if you haven’t already seen ‘The Ruins’ from !BANG then you’re in for a treat. This worn brick archway sat perfectly in the locale I chose, and I was able to create a fun picture set using just three of the preloaded poses included which range from sneaking peeks around the brickwork to lazy posing atop of the structure. Try it out in the !BANG mainstore.

The look itself stemmed from an aviator jacket from DeLa. Available in a range of colours, there are a few classics there which make must have pieces for your winter wardrobe. Lined with thick fleece, the leather has a subtle, worn-in look that is so coveted for a piece like this. With open zipped front and cuffs and wide double-collar with buckle finish, this goes as well with jeans as it will with skirts, so you can really mix up your looks. Read the rest of this entry »

July 30, 2010

Blaze a Trail

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No need to show me the way – I’ll find my own paths to follow.

In case you’d missed the news flash, Armidi are having a sale. It’s at an alternative location and you need to join theWarehouse group first to get in, but if you’re looking for some well made clothing at reasonable prices, it’s worth a little effort. I picked up this pinstripe blazer, offered in both short and long sleeve versions on the jacket layer with prim parts. The open front presents a mass of layering options, the collar folding back and opening out around the neck. The pinstripe is neither too bold or too subtle, presenting a clean backing for the detail of the shading, buttons and front pocket flaps. Read the rest of this entry »

July 21, 2010

Free Fall

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When I’m not flying, I’m falling; I could change that, but I’m more afraid of standing still.

I started with this top from a dress by A-bomb. I love the lace effect, carefully overlaid on a satin backing. Strapless as this is, it lends itself very well to layering with the Sasha blouse from DeLa, which pulls up to a halter neck tied with a long, floppy bow at the front. Ribbon ties are intrinsically feminine and combine well with the lace, tied in to the various accents on the outfit through colour. Read the rest of this entry »

April 6, 2010

Pure Morning

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It could be a bleak day for me tomorrow: I’m threatened with broadband disconnection. For how long? My service provider can make no guarantees. A bleak outlook indeed, although I’m sure I’ll claw my way back quickly enough.

The outfit I put together started with this gorgeous vest from Tyranny Designs. The front buttons up from the waist, stretching down over the hips with a slight chain belt circling the stomach. You can clearly see the stretch marks that denote a pull on the fabric, and I even warmed to the nipple detail – I suppose it is a little cool without a jacket on. Read the rest of this entry »

March 27, 2010

I Demand Infamy

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There’s a definite art to tease and it would appear that Gospel Voom has it nailed. With flagrant disregard for my material wellbeing he’s had his new knee high boots on display in his main store for some time, sealed behind fashionista-proof glass. “Coming soon,” he promised. Finally they have arrived.

Burlesque will knock your socks off, quite literally as these were made to be worn over tight trousers, on bare legs or against stockinged skin. The pair of boots comes with six colour options included at the kind of price you’d expect to pay for a single shade – if you aren’t already gnashing at the bit you soon will be when you see everything Burlesque has to offer. Read the rest of this entry »

January 20, 2010

Sewn Differently

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I love things done differently. Every nuance demonstrates the angle of someone’s perception: the ways we look at the world and indeed at ourselves.

I’m finding it difficult to get enough of knitwear recently, and I certainly found myself unable to resist this long-sleeved wrap dress I saw at Hucci. I’m all about value for money, and pieces like this are great because they can be layered up, accessorised and made to fit a good number of different looks. The Hucci dress fits tight to the body with appropriate stretch all over; the neck is wide and open with angular lines to the bust. A simple belt rides on the hips, dropping to a central tie with loose end falling below the skirt. Read the rest of this entry »

December 11, 2009

Framed and Dried

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This outfit started with these iconic shades from Gospel Voom’s Custom range of sunglasses. I admit it, I’m a screaming groupie, but you can absolutely see why when you look at the craftsmanship that goes into Gos products. This is a simple but feminine pair of sunglasses, the oversized frame adding that bit of mystery that every style diva hopes for in her shades. The slight ripple on the edge of the frame gives the Butterfly glasses their name and provocative style: the unique scripting system means that you can change lens and frame colours at the push of a button, and with additional colours costing a mere L$60, you really can stock up on all the textures you need to match these to an ever-expanding wardrobe. The shades will be on sale later tomorrow (12.12.09), so make sure you stop by and pick up a pair. Read the rest of this entry »

December 7, 2009

Let it Rain

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Sometimes I wish the weather was a little livlier in Second Life. I found this umbrella at Creamshop while a storm was raging outside, and as such I felt it a prudent purchase. The execution is very good, the texturing and framework working together for great effect. There are a number of colours available, but I think this white one is good for mixing and matching with various outfits, with the added bonus of some interesting mottling depending on your windlight settings. Your brolly comes full of animations to play, and can be held open or closed as desired. This makes for an unusual AO or a great photography prop. Read the rest of this entry »