January 22, 2011


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“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” I’ve got new boots from Gos, and they’re certainly going to get me noticed.

The problem I have with majority of knee high boots in world is form. The shape isn’t right on the leg, the leather isn’t formed in a realistic way and the majority are also a nightmare to fit. Gos’s Burlesque raised the bar for me, but Curvaceous takes it to a whole new level giving you everything and more in a super sexy package. Read the rest of this entry »


March 3, 2010

Down to Earth

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The English language allows for so much creativity in writing through possibilities including figurative meanings, something I see many bloggers indulge in when titling their posts. I cannot claim to be an exception, but I try and stay true to the same with my stylings.

This pretty jacket from DE Designs is one I put away over the Winter, but with the sun beginning to work through the cloud it’s high time to bring it back to the fore. With a metallic sheen to it, the cropped style features a folded collar and leather strapping to either side down the open front, floral outlines patterning the main with tightly rolled sleeves sitting above the elbow. Read the rest of this entry »

January 20, 2010

Sewn Differently

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I love things done differently. Every nuance demonstrates the angle of someone’s perception: the ways we look at the world and indeed at ourselves.

I’m finding it difficult to get enough of knitwear recently, and I certainly found myself unable to resist this long-sleeved wrap dress I saw at Hucci. I’m all about value for money, and pieces like this are great because they can be layered up, accessorised and made to fit a good number of different looks. The Hucci dress fits tight to the body with appropriate stretch all over; the neck is wide and open with angular lines to the bust. A simple belt rides on the hips, dropping to a central tie with loose end falling below the skirt. Read the rest of this entry »