January 9, 2011

Fox in the Snow

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Looking for a place to shelter from the cold. Of course, it might help if I’d remember to wear my coat out.

As it is I’m only part wrapped up today, the look starting with a sweater that was part of a Happy Holidays Hunt gift. While the black does cover up a lot of the detail I really like the design; I’m a particular fan of the prim sleeves, which are pushed back up from the wrists, slouching casually in a way that’s rather different to much of what else I’m seeing on the market at present. Made to be worn as a dress, if you choose to wear this cropped you can layer up with other pieces using the underpants part to cover midriff.; the seam’s a touch visible if you were to look too closely, but as a freebie this isn’t an issue at all. If you missed the Salma knitted dress in the Happy Holidays Hunt you can still pick up the red version completely free in store – it is a Christmas Gift so I’d suggest being quick! Read the rest of this entry »


October 27, 2010

Puppy Love

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I can’t resist bringing Algernon out to play every so often – a virtual pug should spend more time out of one’s inventory, only this lazy blighter is firmly wedged in the bag and doesn’t care much for any form of exercise. Still, he enjoys a bit of fresh air every once in a while, and his carrier makes rather a fetching accessory with the right outfit.

This look began with this new coat from Swansong, a short-sleeve cape that makes creative use of the alpha layer to cover your chest and make sure the prim fits snugly over the body, so if you’ve not converted to viewer 2 or compatible yet you’re going to miss out. The wide collar is piped around the edges and tied with a bow; ribbon, trim and the inside lining are all colour change with a few options included in the on-touch HUD. Read the rest of this entry »

October 6, 2010

The Sound of Silence

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“You hesitate to stab me with a word, and know not – silence is the sharper sword.” Samuel Johnson

TART’s cardigan started this look off. I have it in a few colours now; it’s so easy to wear and looks great layered with more summery tops and dresses. Buttoned beneath the chest and falling open below, the jersey stretches around the body, given shape by the puffed sleeves that finish just over the wrists. Read the rest of this entry »

October 1, 2010

Colour Collision

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I had a little extra time today so I made sure I did a swoop on Fifty Linden Friday. I picked up a few bargains which I’ve worked into this look, although there’s all manner of new and old pieces worked through the styling. Hopefully you’ll already have one or two in your inventory, which always helps with the budget.

One of my first stops was lamb where I picked up a new do for next to nothing. This style is a rework of one already in store, featuring a thick fringe cut across the brow with the rest of the hair falling in smooth, soft waves that stop just below the shoulders. You can opt for blonde or brunette to suit. Read the rest of this entry »

July 2, 2010

Lonely, Not Alone

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It’s easy to miss the little things. But I think I have the necessary in place with this look.

Ivalde’s new collection has received massive coverage from the blogging community, but I blog what I like and it never hurts to think about new ways you can wear those things you already have in your inventory. This top is simply done, a cami styled with double layers of ruffles to the neckline, slight runching to the middle with a loose finish on the torso. As most of the detail is to the chest this also pairs beautifully with unbuttoned jackets and blouses, but for something extra here I paired with a belt from a top by MichaMi, which knots to the side and trails gently resting just below the hip. Read the rest of this entry »

June 16, 2010

Isn’t something missing?

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The Etheria event is running until Sunday, and while it has been widely covered by many a blogger, I’m keen to bring you my take on some of the pieces in this post (and my next).

Caroline Apollo’s glamorous offering of this jewellery set is first on display, shown here in onyx but available in various hues to suit your taste. Comprising earrings, necklace and ring, assorted shapes of stone are set in gold and held together with delicate chain links, providing a statement set suited well to any of your dresses with a suitably revealing neckline. The onyx is well lit with detailed shimmer that really makes the stones stand out, with careful work on the facets and settings. Read the rest of this entry »

December 14, 2009


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I don’t know anything about skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sports, but I do know that the slopes are a great place to find cosy cafes selling oversized mugs of thick, creamy hot chocolate – and you must understand that my need for a cocoa fix is strong indeed.

The skin sets off this look, and was an easy choice from Pink Fuel. Mochi Milena has created a very sweet looking face on this skin, the flushed cheeks and smattering of freckles giving a very youthful feel. The lips on this skin are gorgeous, pursed and slightly open with a natural tone and subtle shimmer that really brings them to life. Detailing and shading is soft all over the body, giving the smoked out eyes a real drama, particularly when set against the bright highlights to the top of the eye socket. Read the rest of this entry »

November 7, 2009

Woman Like a Man

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I don’t believe any woman should live without a wardrobe full of gorgeous skirts, but by the same token I know that a good pair of trousers can be just as feminine. When it comes down to it everything is about the styling, and if you have the right cut and dress yourself to suit you can easily be as much of a knockout in pants as in a ballgown.

These dressy trousers are from Pink Outfitters, shown here in the darkest shade. With a light pinstripe running throughout, the front crease is what really gives these pants that little extra. They’re cut to flare on the leg, with an upturned hem I chose to emphasise by wearing some two-tone stilettos from Maitreya. These heels are so sharp you could cut yourself on them – but at the same time they add a necessary femininity to this look, as well as complimenting the line of the trousers. The stark colour contrast is very much a part of this outfit: wearing a solid colour wouldn’t have given the extra bite that these do. Read the rest of this entry »