January 17, 2011

Suffocated Love

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I have a new love and her name is Emma.

Tuli recently reopened after a complete revamp of the store, bringing us a wealth of new faces. A couple may be familiar to you having already had appearances at The Dressing Room, but most are completely fresh and you may well want to spend some time trying on demos and getting better acquainted with the girls. Read the rest of this entry »


November 6, 2010

Srsly… GTFO

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For a boot that’s bang on-trend look no further than Gos’s new GTFO boot, the ultimate in style for this season.

Calf-high for a look that will work with just about anything in your wardrobe, GTFO is military inspired with an edge about it that lends itself to all kinds of stylings. I’m wearing the boot in stone, a distressed suede with contrasting leather straps; there are 8 colours in all, with the textures chosen to match the feel of the boot, from pristine leather to more scuffed and worn versions in tones ranging from a rugged khaki to feminine icy white. You can buy single boots and wear as shown or opt for the various fatpacks which allow you to colour pick buckle and leather, customising to suit your personal taste. As usual, the boots are crafted to the highest standard with immense detail in everything from the scuff marks to the stitched surrounds, the subtle shadows and sharp accents. What’s more, Gos’s on-touch HUD features multiway resize to ensure you can fit the boots precisely to your shape, ensuring a custom fit on every avatar: that’s why this boot will look as good on you as it will on any model.

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October 27, 2010

Puppy Love

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I can’t resist bringing Algernon out to play every so often – a virtual pug should spend more time out of one’s inventory, only this lazy blighter is firmly wedged in the bag and doesn’t care much for any form of exercise. Still, he enjoys a bit of fresh air every once in a while, and his carrier makes rather a fetching accessory with the right outfit.

This look began with this new coat from Swansong, a short-sleeve cape that makes creative use of the alpha layer to cover your chest and make sure the prim fits snugly over the body, so if you’ve not converted to viewer 2 or compatible yet you’re going to miss out. The wide collar is piped around the edges and tied with a bow; ribbon, trim and the inside lining are all colour change with a few options included in the on-touch HUD. Read the rest of this entry »

June 30, 2010

Surf’s Up

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I’m told surfing is all about where your mind’s at. That’s good, because I’m definitely thinking about taking to the water.

This look was inspired by some of the lovely beachwear available on the grid at the moment, starting with this abstract top from Elymode. Sold as part of a set, this bright camisole is emblazoned with a tropical print, clinging tight to the body with a low and revealing neckline. Elysium Eilde has taken great care with the seams, so while the print doesn’t wrap unbroken there is no jarring start and finish on the sides, something any discerning shopper will appreciate. Read the rest of this entry »

May 23, 2010

Sex Kitten

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Gos is my go-to shop when I need high fashion accessories, particularly eyewear. This latest release of cateye glasses is a rather unique addition to the range, featuring the widest range of options to date. These cateye glasses are delightfully retro chic, a modern twist on a 50s trend – the elegant frames lead in smooth curves with an outwardly angled edge, hooking back behind the ears. They’re detailed with lines of gemstones along the sides of the lenses and leading off on the arms, but if you’d rather remove them there’s the option to hide. Read the rest of this entry »