January 1, 2011


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Welcome to 2011.

The look started with a bargain buy from The Dressing Room Blue. It’s so worth scouting around The Dressing Room’s two stores every now and then as you will often find a piece or two you fall in love with that are a fraction of their usual store price, or exclusive to the sale rooms. This jacket from Emery is fun to wear, pseudo-military with its studded, high and angular collar. The shoulder pads mimic the other lines, jutting out although not in as much of an exaggeration – the cropped coat crumples all the way down the sleeves and maintains a softness through the body, moving well with most AOs. It does use up a lot of attach points, but if you use the official SL viewer you can simply add any other accessories, eliminating possible clashes. Read the rest of this entry »


May 5, 2010

Unplayed Piano

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The Glitterati Piano is Katey Coppola’s latest prop release. It’s undeniably entertaining to lie strewn across various pieces of furniture, but the piano has to be one of the all time greats for sexy lies and leans. This particular instrument has 15 different sits, stands and swoons – whether you’re shooting pictures or fancy an interactive talking piece for your virtual living space, you’ll want to have one of these on standby.

Despite the fact that I’m more a poser than a player, I thought it would be fun to dress for my faux recital. Read the rest of this entry »

March 1, 2010


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Dripping with diamonds? So passé! Pearls are where it’s at, Ladies.

I have a penchant for pearls in both lives, so when Katey Coppola released another set of suitably orientated poses, I was all over them like a teenybopper offered a backstage pass to a Jedward concert. Of course, I wasn’t content with the copious strings of beads provided – I had to add more of my own. Delays are reasonable, Dear Reader. Some things are worth waiting for. Read the rest of this entry »