December 18, 2010

Frosty Starlight

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There for all to see, if you’re only looking…

Even by starlight my feet are looking particularly fabulous cocooned in Gos’s seasonal Slouch Boots. The original boots were released a couple of weeks ago but Gos have just put out a festive quartet colour pack in the same style. The soft leather boots are calf-high, creasing down the leg and set upon a raised wood base with studded join surround and ringed harness detail about the ankle. I’m wearing them in red tartan, but you can also choose from green argyle, silver and gold; the metallics are particularly fun, perfect for accompanying your New Year’s Eve party look and generally good for adding some sparkle to your style. Read the rest of this entry »


July 23, 2010

Street Performer

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Consider this a whimsy with a hope to raise a smile.

I started with a striped top from Sugarcube. The cami is cropped to the waist but comes on all layers for ease of wear, set off with black lace ruffles running down a central line from around the neck. I love it for being something a little different; while the side seams aren’t perfect, you can always layer up to cover and just show the front if you prefer. I wore here over a simple long-sleeve top from Urbanity, attaching red bracers from League over the top. The League bracers are rather fun to work into styles, with options for the button colours and additional creasing around the fastenings which creates the effect of tension on the layer that is being supported. The only trick is finding shorts and skirts that lie at just the right height to match up. Read the rest of this entry »