September 24, 2010

Warm Honey

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If I needed an excuse to shop, I’d probably blame the change of season.

Reek recently released this wooly cardigan and I couldn’t resist picking it up. Tightly woven with cable knit lines to decorate, there are two spacious pockets, fold-back ribbed collar and cuffs with chunky wooden button fastenings. It falls wide of the body, creating a rounded line, but you should find it’s workable with most AOs (and if not you could always perform a little modification to set things right). There are other colours to choose from, but the lighter tones best show off all the detail. Read the rest of this entry »


January 11, 2010

Because It’s Cold Outside

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Everywhere you go there’s snow on the ground, the trees are dusted white and patches of ice on the cold concrete seem intent on slipping you up. Since locking yourself up in a skybox or taking an extended holiday on some distant, sunny shore would intefere with your shopping experience, there’s little choice left for any ardent fashionista but to wrap up against the chill.

The jacket from DeLa is a classic cropped sheepskin boasting ample amounts of woolen trim. The luxurious collar follows around the hemlines, seen also to the cuffs for a balanced finish. Read the rest of this entry »

December 21, 2009

Threads for the Nymphette

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Gospel Voom has wooed me again with his latest release of ‘Prim Wair’. Ladies, you now have virtual DMs – with an innovative twist to change the way you look at your footwear. These boots really do need to be seen to be believed: they’re artfully scripted by Elpis Oh to make three pairs in one, morphing before your eyes from one shape to another. My eyes almost popped when I saw this, and I proceeded to spend ten minutes staring at the screen in an open-mouthed stupor clicking between each incarnation, then TPing around to my buddies to allow them to do the same. Read the rest of this entry »

December 16, 2009

Algernon the Pug

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Just so we’re clear: my other dog’s a Rottweiler.

I saw someone walking around with a beagle in a bag yesterday. It was actually the bag I wanted to get my mitts on, but the fact that it came complete with adoption papers didn’t really phase me – it’s about time I organised a pet for my virtual counterpart.

Meet Algernon, my pug. He’s an amiable fellow, largely content to sit and watch the world go by and occasionally smiling in approval. You can adopt your own (there are several breeds to choose from, or cats if you prefer) and ferry them around in this padded carrier which is fashionably adorned with badges, buckles, chains and even a bone in the back pocket to keep your significant other sated between meals. Thick leather straps loop underneath and up over the shoulder to keep your pet secure, and a touch to activate HUD allows for maximum customisation, with everything from texture changes on the bag’s various sections to adding a personality to your pooch. Read the rest of this entry »

November 7, 2009

Woman Like a Man

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I don’t believe any woman should live without a wardrobe full of gorgeous skirts, but by the same token I know that a good pair of trousers can be just as feminine. When it comes down to it everything is about the styling, and if you have the right cut and dress yourself to suit you can easily be as much of a knockout in pants as in a ballgown.

These dressy trousers are from Pink Outfitters, shown here in the darkest shade. With a light pinstripe running throughout, the front crease is what really gives these pants that little extra. They’re cut to flare on the leg, with an upturned hem I chose to emphasise by wearing some two-tone stilettos from Maitreya. These heels are so sharp you could cut yourself on them – but at the same time they add a necessary femininity to this look, as well as complimenting the line of the trousers. The stark colour contrast is very much a part of this outfit: wearing a solid colour wouldn’t have given the extra bite that these do. Read the rest of this entry »