January 1, 2011


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Welcome to 2011.

The look started with a bargain buy from The Dressing Room Blue. It’s so worth scouting around The Dressing Room’s two stores every now and then as you will often find a piece or two you fall in love with that are a fraction of their usual store price, or exclusive to the sale rooms. This jacket from Emery is fun to wear, pseudo-military with its studded, high and angular collar. The shoulder pads mimic the other lines, jutting out although not in as much of an exaggeration – the cropped coat crumples all the way down the sleeves and maintains a softness through the body, moving well with most AOs. It does use up a lot of attach points, but if you use the official SL viewer you can simply add any other accessories, eliminating possible clashes. Read the rest of this entry »


October 17, 2010

Wiccan Wood

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An enchantress of sorts. A whitish witch.

I’m posting this a little early in the hope that you’ll still be able to catch the accessories from Whippet & Buck. It’s the last day of Jewelry Fair today, so if you want the necklace or bangles you’d better run along and pick them up as I don’t know when or if these will appear in the Whippet & Buck mainstore. Both are very reasonably priced, the bracelet with one pearl and one diamond bangle over laid, finished with a little bow on the top. The necklace is just as sweet, a metal ribbon pendant suspended on a chain dotted with pearls among the links. Read the rest of this entry »