September 24, 2010

Warm Honey

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If I needed an excuse to shop, I’d probably blame the change of season.

Reek recently released this wooly cardigan and I couldn’t resist picking it up. Tightly woven with cable knit lines to decorate, there are two spacious pockets, fold-back ribbed collar and cuffs with chunky wooden button fastenings. It falls wide of the body, creating a rounded line, but you should find it’s workable with most AOs (and if not you could always perform a little modification to set things right). There are other colours to choose from, but the lighter tones best show off all the detail. Read the rest of this entry »

September 1, 2010

For the camera

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Smile for the camera… sure, the crazy balance thing is good too.

Casual clothing can be just as involved as the dressier looks, often relying on accessories in the same way to pull everything together. You have to start with the basics though, and for this look that means a rollneck sweater from Maitreya. There is some great knitwear on the grid, but I like this piece particularly for its precise sculpts. The neck is a snug fit, but is slightly loose and uneven making it a bit more interesting – the long sleeves share these traits, and combined with the two included options of sheer and opaque styles, it makes this jumper a tidy buy. Read the rest of this entry »

June 24, 2010

Sound Check

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No audience and perfect acoustics. Time to get my groove on.

The look starts with a plain jersey dress from Dreams. Available on all layers, you’ll have no trouble finding things to wear with a well-made body con frock; black is always a safe choice but Sanura Snowpaw has plenty of other options available. The detail is there although a little overshadowed in this particular tone, with modifiable prims on the skirt to ensure you can adjust to suit your shape. Read the rest of this entry »

May 19, 2010

Pocket Dress

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I love collaborations, but sometimes it’s even more fun to see designers inspired by one another. RubyStarlight Writer of exposeur has come up with an utterly adorable set of five poses based around Autumn Hykova’s new pocketed dress, and the combination of the two will have you suffering from an overload of cuteness.

It’s not difficult to see why RubyStarlight felt so inspired. The Tiny Bird dress is quite charming in almost pinafore style, the bowed neckline embellished with printed collar, turned out to border the edge. Read the rest of this entry »

April 19, 2010

Urban Catwalk

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Dress to solicit attention wherever you go. Exploring the metaverse is so much more entertaining that way.

I love this top from ASrock. The top has a dark base, lit with an indistinct print that adds depth. The scoop neck is banded with floral lace to the front with cap sleeves and a long, bias cut hem on the jacket layer. There’s good detail although I would say the sleeves are a little raggedly cut, and there is a slight shadow running around the hem lines, which looks great on skin but may not work as well with certain layers. It didn’t stop me making it a feature piece for this outfit, and is definitely something I’ll be wearing through to Summer. Read the rest of this entry »